Your skin is "alive".

Harnessing the power of biotechnology, neleta nourishes the skin from the foundation stage, enabling the skin’s full radiance and beauty.

Tiny living things, big effect on our skin.

Even though they are invisible, many different types of microorganisms comprise the basis of our skin. Called Skin Probiotics, they synergize with the cells and systems of the body to create an ecosystem of microbes, or Skin Microbiome, on our skin.


Most skin problems are caused by an imbalance of the skin’s ecosystem, which result from allergies, acne, dryness, large pores, dark spots, wrinkles, etc. Thus, to address such issues at the root causes, we have to restore balance to the skin.

neleta represents the only skincare product that utilizes Biotic3 (Prebiotics, Probiotics, Postbiotics), the most natural, scientific and innovative formulation, to help take care of the Skin Microbiome. By enabling beneficial microorganisms to grow and work at their fullest capacity, the skin is protected from harmful bacteria and the adverse effects of pollution, resulting in youthful and bright looking skin while restoring good skin health from its very core.

“If the skin’s foundation is good, other skin care treatments become even more effective.”

Reduce acne

Reduce allergies and irritation

Add hydration and eliminate dryness

Enable bright and smooth skin

Reduce pores and firm up the skin

Reduce wrinkles and dark spots

Even out skin tone

Build protective layer


prebiotics • probiotics • postbiotics

Innovative extraction of nature that helps restore balance to the skin

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Everyday Essentials

neleta Biotic3 Serum (30 ml)

A concentrated extraction serum that naturally counters aging and refreshes the skin

neleta Biotic3 Cream (30 ml) 

A smooth, light cream that deeply restores moisture to the skin at its innermost level

neleta Biotic3 Cleansing Gel (100 ml)

A gentle cleansing gel of pH5 that cleans thoroughly without destroying beneficial microorganisms for the skin

neleta Biotic3 

Complete Care Set

2,760 THB 3,070THB

Healthy skin is real.

"I’ve tried it for a while and with or without adequate sleep, my face is refreshed and firm, like I slept for 12 hours!"

“I can feel that my skin is stronger. It’s also easier to put on makeup, which lasts all day with almost no need for reapplication.”

“I have been treating my acne for a long time, but it did not disappear until I used neleta. Also, my facial skin, including freckles from a lot of sun exposure, is noticeably better.”


How does Biotic Skincare work?

Naturally beneficial microbes are destroyed by UV rays, pollution, antibiotics, foods high in fat or sodium, and even from using skin care products with harsh chemicals. Biotic Skincare acts to increase the number of good microbes, replacing the beneficial microorganisms that have been destroyed, to restore balance and strength to the skin.

Does neleta contain ingredients that could be potentially harmful?

neleta does not contain any potentially harmful or other dangerous substances.

X Mineral oil, X Paraben, X Animal test, X SLS/SLES, X Silicone, X Steroids, X Perfume, X Petroleum, X Alcohol, X Harsh Chemical, X PEG, X GMO, X Retinol, X Polycyclic musks, X ALES, X Synthetic Retinol, X Phthalates, X Polysorbate

*See the complete list of neleta’s ingredients on the product packaging.

What kind of skin is neleta suitable for?

neleta is suitable for all skin types, as the Biotic³ in neleta acts to increase good microorganisms that already exist naturally on the skin of each individual.

How long do you have to use neleta products to see results?

The effectiveness of neleta products will vary from person to person, depending on the condition of your facial skin. In most cases, however, you will be able to see results within 1 month after usage.

How should neleta products be used?

After cleansing with neleta Biotic3 Cleansing Gel, apply the toner, followed by neleta Biotic3 Serum, neleta Biotic3 Cream and sunblock, as part of your morning facial skincare regimen.

Where is neleta produced?

Most of the ingredients are imported from overseas but the entire manufacturing process is done in Thailand.

What countries are the ingredients of neleta from?

neleta selects key ingredients from the best raw material sources in many countries, consisting of: